Inspiring Multidirectionality

Saturn is a water caregiver, full spectrum birth supporter, family amplifier, chef, galactic sprout, poet pirate, & language arts magician

They are motivated to create awareness around the plural nature of human being ~ in all the layers, characteristics, aspects, & hues

Saturn is inspired by depth & discipline combining as gestures of awe, devotion, whimsy


Carrier of an illumination pedagogy that is rooted

 in love & admiration of darkness


Their approach is explorative, passionate, and aided by metaphors This perspective sees how we are mirrored

in landscapes we admire


That which remains unseen guides our directionality. Influencing the delicate designs of our specificity. 


Being an advocate of multidirectionality is a continuously engaging and participatory approach to movement, creativity, relationships, self-concept, and reflection. It requires a willingness to encounter intelligence that arrives in a myriad of forms; implying that sensibility has no definitive appearance.


May we be open to re-meeting ourselves and our community since we are all growing and emerging on this circular journey.


Saturn is available for collaborations in art, cooking/catering, fermenting ideas/workshops, strategic action planning, conspira-seeding, child care, altar creations, container crafting, web3 learning opportunities, and poetic activism.

colored pencils & pen, "Originality is Biomimcry"
~ brimming magnificence ~

galactic sprout in the milky way galaxy