Fermentation Giving Hope

The microscopic communities that are called upon in our jars of kombucha and sauerkraut are exemplars of transformation


They begin through an encantation of their existence, a prayer for an effervescent genesis, a birth day of mothering becoming multiplicity


In a scoby we see the strength in confidently digesting that which can be re-alchemized into pure magic

In a salty brine we see the preservation of that which brings health and wellness


In the process of fermentating one can taste the potential for creating a balanced microbiome


A blend of sweetness and acidity

Of tartness and smooth ambrosia

How could it not be absolutely astonishing to witness such collaborations at work?


Microorganisms make work appear, taste, and feel like drops of honey crystallizing into our home bodies




{Listen to Samara Jade’s tune “Church of Fermentation” for further celebrations of these micro communities!}