A letter to my heart

Earth provides us with many models and approaches to loving
Look around and notice her energies taking the form of a large, sturdy, and erect mountain range
Or gaze upon the moist and dripping coastal caves
Admire the dense boulders and the sparkling, rushing river
Earth is compatible with many life forms and holds spaces for the many forms of love making
May we feel held in Earth’s acceptance for she provides reassurance
Earth validates in soft murmurs of a chattering creek or in the silent inspiration of a flower blooming
May we pray and bow at the Earth’s feet, soil, and weather patterns as she plays dress up with the clouds
I celebrate her abilities to be multidirectional in her affections
In this I find the courage to love in my own specific kind of way
I find the bravery to be self-aware of my preferences in this life
For my body is softly curving and dedicated to delicate-ness
In this I will remember that I am being held by the Earth as we orbit and sway through the solar system
My personal layer and contribution is significant as a lifelong practice that will touch other lives
While also considering that all other beings are on the same journey of gathering their approach to life in love
Our role is to find our specific attributes
For being particularly ourselves through Earth’s layers, we are e n o u g h